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The plant is a harmonious place where mixed cultures can work together - we are proud to have a united strength of skilled Thai, Burmese, Nepalese and Indian workforce. While we implement all regulatory Thai laws for employee facilities at our Nakhonpatham plant, we go the extra mile to see that the workplace is congenial and our people stay motivated and satisfied.
  • Formal employee orientation plays an important part in making newcomers feel at ease in the AIT environment.
  • Lodging and boarding is provided for immigrant staff. A recreational area is in progress. Outdoor activities help to make living stress-free.
  • AIT Annual Seminars held at resorts prove to be excellent for team building and rewarding hard work.
  • We ensure there‚Äôs time for fun and laughter as well. Celebrations of festivals, picnics and other group acitvities are enthusiastically attended.
  • With a good mix of age groups, sports events are great for bonding and motivation.