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Employee welfare comes even before business. AIT is acutely aware that health and well being of an organization is intrinsically linked with its people.


Wide ranging welfare initiatives ensure that our employees are well taken care of. These range from providing smart uniforms, implementing insurance schemes and social security measures, extending support in marriage and funeral ceremonies and more. Many of these schemes are mandatory under Thai laws, but we add our special touch to take care with sincerity.

Health Checks

Employee health checkups are a major and regular feature at AIT. The work environment too is monitored and maintained to safe levels, including noise pollution and emissions. Moreover we try to inculcate health consciousness in the working lifestyle of our associates, encouraging them to engage in healthy activities.


Orientations, On-the-Job training, and Safety Mock Drills are conducted on regularly basis to make our people recognize the importance of safety procedures and avoid occupational and non-occupational hazards. Safety week is celebrated annually to help increase awareness of personal protective equipment available in the premises and its uses. It motivates employees to look after their well-being and physical health.