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AIT’s high quality Greige and Dipped Tyre Cord Fabric provide strong reliable reinforcement in tyres, rubber products, belts, hoses, tapes, webbings and nettings.
  • TYRE

We structure strength

Tyre Cord Fabric with tenacious properties

The TYRE is a formidable and tough structure of various textile components combined and mixed with rubber. The casing, which is the backbone of a tyre is made of high tenacity Tyre Cord Fabric.

Due to its elastic nature, Tyre Cord Fabric ensures the tyres are fatigue resistant and high abrasion resistance, the reason why vehicles can run for long hours without the tyre tiring out. Above all, safety is ensured through rough road stress with its tenacious properties, heat-stability, uniform shrinkage and elongation. With excellent adhesion to rubber, Tyre Cord Fabric is the most preferred material for building heavy duty tyres.

Tyre Cord Fabric can be made of Nylon / PET / Steel warps. AIT specializes in Nylon Tyre Cord Fabric.

Tyre Composition