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13th April 2024

16th September 2019

The modern era of globalization has seen a rapid growth of industries leading to socioeconomic development, the world over. But at the same time this has resulted in gradual environmental degradation which is of serious concern. We at AIT, concurring with the government policy of GREEN INDUSTRY LEVEL II, have adopted green principles. This includes minimizing of waste generation, management of safety policy, lowering emission of polluted gases, indulging in tree plantation, managing a clean premises, and using energy resources effectively. We sure are going the green way.

Ganpati Bappa Moriya!
02nd September 2019

Morning prayers are essential before starting any work of the day. It brings calm, determination and focus to the day's job. It is important essentially where work needs to be done with care and safety.

Today's prayer was even more special owing to Ganesh Chaturthi. A more divine and spiritual air held all those in benediction before the standing status of Lord Ganesh ji. Our immense faith eternally instilled in him will continue to drive us powerfully towards our goal. Jai Sri Ganesha!

ISO re-certification
15th August 2019

Thanks to the efforts of all AIT members put in to complete this job. Their continuous efforts to build a logical working system and maintain it - has made AIT grow its roots deeper in the Tire business. Kudos AIT.

11th January 2019

To celebrate the happy occasion of Children's Day, our company AIT, on the 11th of January, 2019, sponsored and distributed gifts and eatables to Lam Phaya Subdistrict Administrative Organization and a few nearby village schools.

Team Building
16th Novemeber 2018

AIT has yearly team building activities.
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
A social event was organised by our plant on November 16 to induce Team Building among our people. It was a day full of food, fun and frolic. There were various activities and games arranged for them to enjoy. Each and every member participated with full enthusiasm and vigour. It brought our people together and kept them well bonded. Every successful effort by a participant was a motivation for the whole team. They felt more positive and confident of each other. Words of encouragement by the management further enthused the evening with fervour. We at AIT have been arranging such team building activities for our people from time to time. It has gradually inculcated in them to focus on group cohesion, share responsibility and solve problems at work and at home as well.

Thailand increasing pace of development
3rd October 2018

AIT had attended Annual seminar hosted by the Provincial Electrical Authority, Banglen, Thailand on 3rd Oct,2018.
All members were briefed on Thailand’s new economic model 4.0 for faster development. Also, there were talks on solar roof installation service provided by the PEA department.
The seminar was ended with AIT receiving a trophy in lieu of goodwill relationship maintained with the PEA department.

Paving the way for safety
26th September 2018

AIT had participated in a safety project led by the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Nakhon Pathom.
Here, AIT was audited for Management of safety, Occupation Health and Working Environment Safety on the 28th March, 2018. We passed it successfully with a Silver award.
On 26th September 2018, we proudly received the Certification of Administration of Safety at Silver Level by Khun Channa Aeiym Saeng, the Provisional Governor of Nakhon Pathom.

New Member in the AIT Family!
1st April 2018

AIT has employed another Safety officer in its team. Welcome! Now, will have more ideas to make working safer and better in AIT.

Saving Energy for the Future
29th March 2018

Thai Law established by the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency states that all Thai manufacturing units need to plan energy saving programs annually. This serves in building the efficiency of the manufacturing unit as well as contributes to environment conservation also.
AIT too submitted its reports with 2 such projects to the Bureau on 29th March, 2018. Three officials were representing the Bureau at that time and presented some suggestions on the same.
On the whole, they were satisfied with AIT’s contribution to the Nation’s energy saving scheme.

"Safety First" is "Safety Always"
28th March 2018

Safety systems are routinely inspected for all Thai manufacturing units. For the very same, we had three special officers from the Labour Department visit AIT on 28th Mar,2018. It was a very knowledgeable meeting for our Safety team and they were advised some improvement points. AIT has deployed measures to implement all of them.

Area and Building Audit
23rd March 2018

The Officer of The Auditor General of Thailand (OAG) & Lamphaya Subdistrict Administrative Organization visited AIT on 23rd March for auditing and inspecting plant, building and Area for Property Tax. All the measurements were inline with the declaration.

Meet us at the GRTE Exhibition, Bangkok, Stall No J-17
14th – 16th March 2018

Meet us at this globally important trade show, The Global Rubber Tyre & Latex Exhibition (GRTE 2018) being held at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand on 14, 15 and 16 March. Held every consecutive year at Bangkok, it is panning out to be a meeting ground for Rubber & Tyre Industry associates not just from Thailand, China and South East Asian countries, but across the globe.
Visit us at Stall No J-17. The Exhibition is open from 1000 to 1700 hrs.