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We are fully conscious of our role in building a stronger, integrated community. We reach out to different sections of society, participating in social activities, ensuring co-operation in public programs and extending aid to various organizations.

Being a good neighbor

We stay connected with our neighbors and nearby district and regional government offices and enjoy a strong relationship with them. Neighbors are kept informed about AIT activities through presentations and newsletters, sharing of information about production process, waste procedures, annual safety checks and other annual functions.

Sharing in festivities

There’s active participation in local cultural festivities such as Children’s Day, Father’s Day, the Water Festival of Thailand, Annual Prayers by Thai Monks in the traditional manner. Being a multicultural entity we also observe the traditional festivals of non-Thai employees, giving due respect to all.

Help to NGOs

In fact this multi-cultural identity has brought us close to various local and international NGOs. We assist them in some of their programs, in elementary education, providing stationary hampers to their schools, setting up food and snacks stalls during festivals.

Taking care of our own

Employee welfare comes even before business. AIT is acutely aware that health and well being of an organization is intrinsically linked with its people. See Welfare, Health and Safety.

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  • AIT celebrates Children's Day 2018
  • Donation made to hospital in neighbourhood for buying equipments